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» Roleplay Rules
Mon Jul 13, 2015 5:31 am by Ten Kodori

» HSV Code of Conduct
Mon Jul 13, 2015 5:06 am by Ten Kodori

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 HSV Code of Conduct

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Ten Kodori

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PostSubject: HSV Code of Conduct   Mon Jul 13, 2015 5:06 am

Learning and having fun is our top priority: These are the main reasons for this forum to be up. Make friends, learn new things about Naruto, and to just have fun. Whats the point of being part of something you can't have fun in?

1) Refrain from using fowl language, INCLUDING those of authority. Children play this game, be appropriate.
2) DO NOT spam. Doing so is declared an automatic game loss.
2.1 If a character's playstyle is spam-oriented (PTS Ten Ten, Deidara), play them with mostly their melee combos.
3) DO NOT counter. Doing so is declared an automatic game loss. If you happen to counter by accident, run away from the opponent. (Do not throw shuriken.)
4) You are only allowed to use one support. This makes you rely more on your actual character and not your support. Here is all of them so you can choose:


5) DO NOT argue with the Hokage. Doing so is an immediate warning then 24-hour ban from game participation from the clan.
6) DO NOT choose Drive Type.
7) DO NOT True Awakening
8 ) YOU MUST have a mic in order to participate.
8.1 Have your mic on at all times unless you can't. (Example: Someone calling your phone, relative speaking to you, annoying background noise, etc...)
10) If your connection is a red bar, we will skip your turn until your connection improves. This promotes more quality gameplay.
11) Use a REAL canon team, such as; Naruto with Sasuke support, Kakashi and Guy/Gai, Neji and Hinata.

1) DO NOT argue with the rules. Doing so will result in a ban.
2) DO NOT Spam. It is considered Spam:
2.1- Posting messages with one word (EX: WTF?, ok, etc)
2.2- Writing things that have nothing to do with the topic.
2.3- Double Posting
2.4- Putting Messages directed to a specific person (EX: Hey Dark Master you should make X thing)
(If you spam 3 times in the forum, you get a warning)
2.5- Don't necro post (Necro Posting is reviving a topic that has died for more than 1 month unless it yours and you're bumping it with something useful)
2.6-No Usage of bad language (Don't try to act smart and type @$$ because administrators are smarter)

3) SHOW RESPECT to admins, assistants, mods, testers AND users members. If you have a complain, formally send it in PM to an admin or assistant.

4) Do not beg for higher rank. There are certain protocols for retests.

5) DO NOT advertise other clans.

6) NO FLAMING. This means no insulting or slandering other members of the forum. Not even as a retaliation.

7) No double accounts, they will result in a ban from the forum. This includes using proxies.

8 ) It is PROHIBITED to steal graphics from the forum, any one caught will be reported and IP Banned forever.

If we see that you are not obeying the rules we will give you a punishment depending on the situation.

Site Punishments
1st Warning: Warning Message.
2nd Warning: Kick from the chat.
3rd Warning: Ban from the chat for 24 hours.
4th Warning: Ban for 7 days/Not participate in the next tourney.
5th Warning: IP BAN

Game Punishments
1st Punishment: Warning
2nd Punishment: De-rank
3rd Punishment: Kicked from the clan

These rules can be changed at anytime by Admins. If at anytime you have a questions please contact any mod or admins. I will be more than happy to help.


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    Sasuke (EMS)/5 Kage Summit
    Part 1 Lee
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    Asuma(Awakening Type)
    Tobi(Awakening Type)
    Part 1 Gaara
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HSV Code of Conduct
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